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29thWorld Congress on Diet, Nutrition and Obesity, will be organized around the theme “Effect of diet and nutrition of fighting against COVID-19 global pandemic”

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Nutritional disorders are sicknesses that happen when a person's diet  admission does not contain the appropriate measure of nutritive supplements for a well-nourished body or when a person can't accurately assimilate nutrients from food. Disorders related to nutrition can be caused by under nutrition, over nutrition or an off base adjust of supplements.

• Malnutrition                                                

• Chron’s disease

• Osteoporosis

• Iron deficiency

• Iodine deficiency

• Coeliac disease


  • Track 1-1Malnutrition
  • Track 1-2Chron’s disease
  • Track 1-3Nutrition support in Surgical Patients
  • Track 1-4Iron deficiency

An appropriate measure of nutrition and sustenance at the start periods of a child’s improvement is basic for the simplest potential development of a young adult. Any insufficiency in the diet at this essential stage will prompt poor health in the later phases of their life. Because of the changes in the way of life and urbanization, kids are inclined to less physical movement and more stationary way of life because of which childhood obesity is on the ascent. On going exploration on obesity in youngsters demonstrated that the time spent by kids staring at the TV is relative with their utilization of the most promoted food items. Childhood Obesity can seriously influence a kid's physical and emotional wellness prompting poor scholastic execution and low confidence.

• Pediatric malnutrition

• Obesity in children

• Toddler and Infant nutrition


  • Track 2-1Pediatric malnutrition
  • Track 2-2 Obesity in children
  • Track 2-3 Toddler and Infant nutrition

A controlled eating regimen gives the body required nutrition. The requirements for a controlled eating regimen can be met from an arrangement of plant and animal-based nutrition. A smart diet regimen gives the essential vitality and sustenance without causing any dangerous impacts and additional weight gain from devouring more food stuff than required by the body. Adjusted eating routine and wholesome nourishment help in diminishing the dangers of different endless issue like obesity, heart related diseases, malignancy, hypertension and diabetes.

• Gut microbiome

• Calorie counting

• Macronutrients and Micronutrients

Obesity Meetings | Eating Disorders Conferences| Nutraceuticals Meetings 


  • Track 3-1 Gut microbiome
  • Track 3-2Calorie counting
  • Track 3-3Macronutrients and Micronutrients

Obesity is looked and shown as a measure on the way of lifestyle change, physical exercise and diet regimen. In the event of high Obesity, bariatric medical procedure and drugs will be used. Bariatric surgery has its own advantages that is, it might cause some post-medical procedure inconveniences and fundamental loss of supplements in the body. Individuals who would prefer not to go under the needle can settle on common techniques like yoga and naturopathy to expand the digestion of fat and restore the organs in the body to work regularly. The role of nutritionists and dietitians in the management of obesity is of significance.

• Bariatric surgery

• Obesity diet plan

• Medications for obesity


  • Track 4-1Bariatric surgery
  • Track 4-2 Medications for obesity
  • Track 4-3 Obesity diet plan

Food assumes an imperative part in deciding the health of a person. What we are is the thing that we eat. Every individual has an alternate hereditary make-up and the supplements respond diversely to every individual's qualities. The art of nutrigenomics manages the investigation of how genes respond to various supplements in diet and how this variety will impact diseases and growth. By knowing a person’s hereditary make up, a nutritionist can find an eating routine arrangement which is valuable to treat a specific ailment.

Applications of Nutrigenomics

Nutrigenomics and Personalized Diets

Nutrigenomics Obesity and Public Health


  • Track 5-1Applications of Nutrigenomics
  • Track 5-2 Nutrigenomics Obesity
  • Track 5-3Nutrigenomics and Personalized Diets

A food allergy causes an immune system reaction that affects various organs in the body but in case of food intolerance, it does not produce an allergic reaction and is not involved with the immune system. If you not have a food tolerance, you may be able to eat partial amounts of the offending food without trouble. Food allergies especially Peanut allergy is very high, worldwide. Most of the pre- school children now suffer from various food allergies. Almost 60% of allergies appear during the early years of a child’s life.   

• Food Chemical Intolerance

• Peanut allergy

• Lactose intolerance


  • Track 6-1Food Chemical Intolerance
  • Track 6-2Peanut allergy
  • Track 6-3 Lactose intolerance

Nutraceutical is combinatin of two words – nutrition and pharmaceutical. The term “nutraceuticals” encompasses a broad range of products that are obtained from food sources and deliver surplus health benefits. In general, nutraceuticals have medical and health-related benefits. The idea behind the creation of nutraceuticals was the prevention of diseases and utilization of “food” as medication.

The key difference between pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals is that the latter is not supposed to undergo the same rigorous testing procedures as the pharmaceutical drugs. Nutraceuticals promote biological therapies for controlling and preventing diseases.

• Dietary supplements

• Functional foods

• Role of Nutraceuticals and health supplements in the prevention of diseases.


  • Track 7-1Dietary supplements
  • Track 7-2 Role of Nutraceuticals and health supplements in the prevention of diseases.
  • Track 7-3 Functional foods

Holistic Nutrition is a characteristic way to deal with wellbeing that utilizations prove based systems for eating regimen, way of life and detoxification. Rather than concentrating on only one part of the individual, or taking a one size fits all strategy, comprehensive growth assesses the total wellbeing history, passionate state, way of life propensities and current eating regimen inclination for a person to decide the underlying driver of his or her medical problems and promoting mindfulness.

• Holistic Nutrition Industry

• Mindful Eating

• Applications of Holistic nutrition


  • Track 8-1Holistic Nutrition Industry
  • Track 8-2Applications of Holistic nutrition
  • Track 8-3 Mindful Eating

Food Adulteration is an addition of a substance to a food item to increase the quantity of food item, which may result in loss of actual food quality. It is a purposeful expansion of sub -standard items, for venders to pick up a cost advantage.

For an added substance, then again, is allowable and much of the time a fundamental fixing added to specific foods. Added particles enhance the general nature of nutrition or save the item in a similar condition for a more drawn out term, or they help check unfortunate properties. Added substances likewise upgrade flavor and appearance other than loaning safe keeping to the item and keep on collecting greater prominence with the ascent popular for bundled foods. Added substances will be run from straightforward table salt to synthetics and they diminish deterioration from sources like air or microscopic organisms, numerous added substances additionally ingest radiation.

• Misbranded foods

• Artificial Sweeteners

• Food toxicants


  • Track 9-1Misbranded foods
  • Track 9-2 Food toxicants
  • Track 9-3 Artificial Sweeteners

An eating disorder is the point at which you have an unfortunate state of mind towards the consumption of food, which can assume control over your life and make you sick. It can include eating excessively or too little or getting to be fixated on your weight and body shape. In any case, there are medications that can help, and you can recover from a diet issue. People of all ages can get problems related to the diet, yet they most normally influence young ladies matured 13 to 17 years of age.

• Anorexia nervosa

• Bulimia nervosa

• Binge Eating Disorder


  • Track 10-1Anorexia nervosa
  • Track 10-2 Binge Eating Disorder
  • Track 10-3 Bulimia nervosa

The population nutrient are intake and physical activity goals should tend to the development of regional strategies and national guidelines to reduce the burden of disease related to obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, several forms in cancer, osteoporosis and dental disease etc.,. Quality can support the utilization of less sound food, for example, sugar, refined grains, meat, and high fat dairy items instead of natural products, vegetables, entire grains, nuts, vegetables, and fish. (Adequate quantityof calcium (500 mg per day or more) and of vitamin D).

• Obesity

• Diabetes

• Cardiovascular diseases

• Osteoporosis           


  • Track 11-1Obesity and Diabetes
  • Track 11-2 Osteoporosis
  • Track 11-3Cardiovascular diseases

Overweight and obesity are characterized as rare or extreme fat aggregation that may hinder wellbeing. As per the WHO actuality sheet all around the world, since 1975 the quantity of individuals experiencing obesity has tripled. In 2018, excess of 2.6 billion grown-ups were overweight out of which 800 million were suffering with obese. The explanation behind obesity and overweight is because of the unevenness between the calories devoured and spent. Overall ascent of obesity is additionally caused because of an expanded by more admission of fast food and absence of physical activities because of the beginning of urbanization.

• Fast food diet and risks

• Genetics and obesity

• Life style modifications


  • Track 12-1Fast food diet and risks
  • Track 12-2Life style modifications
  • Track 12-3Genetics and obesity

Many chronic diseases are now caused due to the insufficient uptake of certain vitamins and minerals in our body. Many research innovations are now creating simple and nutrition filled food that gives overall nutrition to human body. Food technology research has reached an advanced the nutrition research field. Food technologists are now working on Superfoods which will not get spoilt easily and will also provide essential nutrients to the body. As of now, the global health crisis is divided into people suffering with obesity and other is people suffering from malnutrition, so research in food that will provide the essential benefits for both the parties, guarantees a maximum solution to the global health crisis.

• Research and Innovations in Food Technology

• Genetically Modified Food

• Food Technology and Regulations


  • Track 13-1Research and Innovations in Food Technology
  • Track 13-2Genetically Modified Food
  • Track 13-3 Food Technology and Regulations

Food borne illness is caused to due to contaminated food or food spoiled due to pathogenic microorganisms due to which an infected individual will suffer from fever, vomiting, diarrhoea etc. The illness to the body can also be caused due to chemicals or toxins which will be present in the food. Till date more than 250 food borne illnesses have been identified around the world and in the United States of America around forty-eight million people suffer from food borne illness every year. Hence it is necessary to improve proper and efficient food safety methods to decrease the rate of uptake of people suffering from food borne illnesses.

• Enterotoxins, Mycotoxins and natural toxins

• Food Safety Methods

• Regulations and rules in food safety

• Research in food borne pathogens


  • Track 14-1Enterotoxins, Mycotoxins and natural toxins
  • Track 14-2 Food Safety Methods
  • Track 14-3Regulations and rules in food safety

Clinical nutrition is important for patients in healthcare to deal with sickness, injuries, surgery and for proper recovery. It helps in preventing malnutrition, restoring body tissue and boosting energy and immunity in the body. It can also be provided with a proper diet plan and feeding the patient with essential foods that revive the patient’s body the patient can also be given health supplements for proteins, vitamins etc. The preferred route for nutrition administration is oral although parenteral and enteral routes are also followed.

• Parenteral nutrition and enteral nutrition

• Recovery nutrition

• Nutrition support in Surgical Patients



  • Track 15-1 Nutrition support in Surgical Patients
  • Track 15-2 Recovery nutrition